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Sous Vide Cooking | Commercial Sous Vide Equipment


Sous-Vide cooking was set into motion by engineers, both French and American, in the mid-1960s. This cooking method was initially described in 1799 by Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford. Simply introduced as a rough idea, his concept involved air instead of heat transfer. A French restaurateur, Georges Pralus, adopted this newly rediscovered method in 1974 for the Troisgros restaurant in Roanne, France. Upon experimentation, he found that cooking foie gras with this sous-vide method kept its original aesthetic, had a greater texture, and did not lose its fatty content. Bruno Goussault came along and further researched the effects of food temperatures and became a top consultant for chef training involving this method.

So what exactly is sous-vide? It involves sealing your food product(s) in sturdy plastic bags, effectively holding its juices and scents, which would otherwise be lost in various other cooking methods. Another modern approach to sous-vide is placing your food in a water bath, setting the temperature to the final cooking temperature it requires. This method avoids overcooking unlike its competition. The food simply can't become hotter than the temperature of the bath. Conventional cooking methods, such as grilling, expose the food to much higher temperatures than the internal cooking temperature of your food product. Remove your food too early, it's under-cooked. Remove it too late, it's now overcooked. Precise bath temperature creates precise control of your food's internal cooking temperature.

Sous-Vide food has other benefits too. When you cook your food in this fashion, it's a much healthier option. When you vacuum seal your food, vitamins and minerals aren't lost during the cooking process, unlike steaming or boiling. Plus, the concentrated flavors of sous vide food require very little to no additional salt, seasonings, or fat. 

And food is just the beginning! Using state-of-the-art vacuum sealing technology, you can also marinate, infuse cocktails, and more!

Here is a brief introduction to Sous-Vide cooking:

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