The Pacojet technology was originally developed by a Swiss Engineer, Wilhelm Maurer, in the early 1980s. William invented a unique process while living in Brazil to create the ultimate ice cream maker. In 1988, William sold his patented technology to an investor named Gregor Staub. After time, money, and some serious development, the Pacojet system was launched in 1992. Pacojet appliances can micro-puree frozen foods into sauces, mousses, and sorbets, without any thawing needed. Chefs can utilize Pacojet technology to create savory entrees and delicious desserts for any and all occassions.

If you would like more information on Pacojet products, pleace visit the official Pacojet website. To see the Pacojet in action, and for educational content on the proper use and maintenance of these products, visit their YouTube channel.